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New Jersey Pathway and Skills Collaboratives

New Jersey’s 18 community colleges are committed to create an aligned education and workforce development ecosystem focused on ensuring that all residents have accessible and affordable education and training pathways that lead to family-supporting jobs and careers to create a more equitable and resilient economy.

New Jersey residents deserve seamless access to education and training pathways that yield industry-valued credentials. Navigating those pathways is difficult even in good times. But with accelerating changes in the workforce needs of employers and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market, developing an dynamic state workforce development strategy and education ecosystem has become uniquely challenging – and essential.

​We are launching a broad and important effort to promote the earning of stackable, industry-valued credentials by designing and offering robust and inclusive pathways that will be guided by industry-specific employer leadership groups and informed by cutting-edge labor market data. This effort focuses on the development of Pathway and Skills Collaboratives in the state’s leading industries:

The Collaboratives will bring together leaders of industry, workforce development organizations, vocational-technical high schools, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and community-based organizations.

The New Jersey Pathway and Skills Collaboratives launched on September 17, 2020. Check out the launch event presentation and recording on the NJCCC YouTube channel.

Next steps: Pathway and Skills Collaboratives Industry Summits. Save the dates: Health Services – October 21, 2020, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain – October 23, 2020, Innovation and Technology – October 28, 2020, and Energy – October 30, 2020.