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Growing Apprenticeship in Nontraditional Sectors

The NJ Community College Consortium for Workforce & Economic Development was awarded an apprenticeship grant by the New Jersey Department of Labor in June 2021. The purpose of the grant is to help upgrade the skills of employees and improve retention by offering formal apprenticeship programs that lead to career pathways at our community colleges through related education. The grant provides $4,000 of on-the-job-training wage reimbursement to manufacturers and also the cost of tuition for Related Technical Instruction at community colleges.  

The apprenticeship occupations covered under the grant are:  

  • Machine Operator 1  
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician 
  • CNC Operator – Milling
  • CNC Operator – Turning
  • CNC Operator – Milling and Turning
  • Other job titles subject to approval 

Related technical instruction leading to college credit to be delivered at a nearby college or online.  


  • One-on-one supervisor to apprentice ratio  
  • Minimum starting wage $16/hour  
  • Progressive wage increases  
  • Process reporting 

For more information contact Joe Pranzatelli, 908-340-8459 or [email protected].

General EEO Information provided by the US Department of Labor – Office of Apprenticeship



New requirements have been implemented that require all sponsors to provide Anti-Harassment Training for all Apprentices and other individuals who work regularly with their apprentices. Below is a link to our Anti-Harassment resource page.


EEO Pledge & Complaints

Registered Apprenticeship program sponsors are required to publish and post an EEO Pledge and information regarding the right of apprentices to file discrimination complaints. The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship is providing a poster that sponsors may use to fulfill both requirements. Below is a link to more information on the EEO Pledge & Complaint requirement as well as a link to the poster.


Disability Self Identification

Sponsors with 5 or more apprentices must provide Apprentices the opportunity to self-identify as having a disability. Apprentices during certain stages of the Apprenticeship Program must be provided the opportunity to self-identify as having a disability to meet new Department regulations. Below is a link to more information about this regulation as well as a Standard form for Sponsors to use.


Disability Disclosure Form

Standards of Apprenticeship