Kellogg’s Frozen Foods Fills 17 Positions through Ready to Work NJ’s Manufacturing Training Program

NJ Labor Department Chief of Staff Gary Hasenbalg was not speechless - but he was amazed. "We have a 100 percent success rate here today," Hasenbalg told 18 recent graduates of a Certified Production Technician (CPT) class at Rowan College of Gloucester County. "What I've never witnessed before is a place where every graduate will walk through those doors knowing they are going to work the next...
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Get Tuition-Free Skills Training for Your NJ Employees

State Awards $1.2 Million in New Funding for NJBIA Basic Skills Program New Jersey companies that want to improve their employees' skill sets in specific areas can do so under a new round of funding for the NJBIA Basic Skills Workforce Training Program. The NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently awarded an additional $1.2 million for the program's current fiscal year. The ...
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