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For Your Workforce – Training On Demand

Our Training-on-Demand Program Can Fill Job Openings at Your Company

Through its training-on-demand program, the Consortium recruits, trains and certifies the unemployed to fill openings at your company.

Inquire_about_TrainingHow2This program solves a big problem facing many companies in hiring new workers—a shortage of properly trained and certified workers who have the skills, aptitude and attitude to do the job right.

On-demand training matches businesses in need of skilled workers with job seekers who have been trained and certified in required skill sets.

The Consortium has delivered on-demand training for dozens of companies in the technology, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing industries. These companies subsequently hired formerly unemployed individuals who first were trained and certified in the required skill sets.

A good example of the Consortium’s on-demand training programs is in the state’s advanced manufacturing industries.

To learn more about how our training-on-demand program can help your company, contact us.