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Senior Project Manager Lands Great Job with Global Corporation in NJ

George Bryant is an international man of mystery. At least for now. No, the North Jersey father of three grown sons doesn’t work for the FBI, CIA or MI5. But Bryant is currently working on a private-sector project that is so confidential he cannot say who he works for or even pose for an identifiable photo. He can, however, say this: He has been hired as a senior project manager with a F...
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Linde Electronics Hires ‘Perfect Fit’ Lab Tech through Ready to Work NJ

Curtis Marler, the laboratory manager at Linde Electronics & Specialty Gases in Phillipsburg, NJ, a division of Linde Gas North America, LLC,  is very picky about who he hires for entry-level positions at the Linde plant—and with good reason. The Linde plant makes specialty gases for use in the manufacture and/or operation of computer chips, satellite propulsion, laser vision-correction tec...
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Ready to Work NJ Resolves Growing Firm’s Search for Skilled Production Employees

Jeannette Vasquez’s resume said it all: “Energetic,conscientious, reliable production team player.” Add 12 years of award-winning work as a packaging machine operator with Ocean Spray in Bordentown, NJ, and Vasquez was the perfect fit for a production-job opening at Salvona’s new manufacturing plant in Hamilton, just six miles north of Ocean Spray’s shuttered facility. But that six miles was an...
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Ready to Work NJ Finds the Right Man for New Process-Control Job at HK Metalcraft

Evolve or die. That’s the motto at the HK Metalcraft Manufacturing Corporation on Industrial Road in Lodi, NJ. “Every five to ten years we undergo some kind of strategic transformation because we’re forced to by industry (conditions) or we decide to evolve,” explains Josh Hopp, the company’s 32-year-old, 4th generation chief executive. “My father’s favorite quote was: ‘You either evolve or ...
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New Hope for Weary Job Seekers

‘Ready to Work New Jersey’ Connects the Long-Term  Unemployed with Companies Who Need their Skills They are called the “exhaustees.” They are men and women of every ilk, some with exceptional skills and talents. They have been desperately seeking work for a long time. They have exhausted their unemployment benefits, and they are—quite literally—exhausted and demoralized from their endless sear...
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