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Managers at Freedom Mortgage Learn That It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It When Communicating with Employees

As one might expect for New Jersey’s fastest growing private employer, Freedom Mortgage of Mount Laurel is feeling some growing pains. One of the biggest challenges facing the young company, which has more than doubled the size of its workforce over the past three years, is good verbal communication between employees and customers and between managers and their employees. Freedom Mortgag...
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Cumberland County College Trains the Unemployed For Good Paying Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing

Cumberland County College is on the front lines of advanced manufacturing, training the chronically unemployed in production, quality and safety so they can get good paying jobs in South Jersey’s food and glass industries. Over the past two years, lead instructor Gerald Bose has trained more than 80 people, young and old, who were all anxious to find work. The 150 hours of instruction ends in a...
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Formerly Unemployed, Graduates of Community College Manufacturing Training Program Reinvent Themselves as Modern Factory Workers

Not long ago, Ron Oliver of Englewood and Joel Shapiro of Lyndhurst counted themselves among the millions of Americans torn from good jobs and careers by the Great Recession. “This is a total reinvention of myself,” said Joel Shapiro, 56, who formerly was a warehouse manager. “I look forward to excelling in a new life.”Today, they are among a new breed of production workers who, thanks to a tra...
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Lessons in Spanish in the Workplace Reduce Cargo Time at Gloucester Terminals

Hundreds of cargo and container ships laden with perishable fresh fruit from South Africa, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries arrive like clockwork every year at Gloucester Terminals. The produce is off-loaded by giant cranes and stored for rail and truck transport in 15 million cubic feet of computer-controlled, refrigerated warehouse space, the nation’s l...
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Atlantic Health’s Nurse Coordinators Make Big Leap in PC Skills

In recent years, the nurse coordinators in Atlantic Health’s four-hospital system have taken on some big new challenges requiring them to do things they weren’t taught in nursing school. Given expanded administrative duties, they’ve had to learn how to manipulate Excel spreadsheets and make presentations to small groups using PowerPoint. And they’ve had to learn these skills in an already hecti...
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Training for Your Employees at No Charge to Your Company!

Pearson Managers Take Spanish to Communicate Better with ‘Pickers and Packers’ At Pearson’s Cranbury Distribution Center, the company is taking a novel approach to dissolving the language barrier between its Hispanic employees and their supervisors. It’s called Spanish in the Workplace, and it’s a required class for Pearson’s managerial staff. The company has enrolled its Hispanic emplo...
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