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Community College Partners

About Our Community College Training Providers

The Consortium and its 19 Community College Members Have Been “Training New Jersey” Since 2004

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In 2004, New Jersey’s 19 community college presidents signed an agreement to combine their resources to offer coordinated workforce training solutions to New Jersey’s more than 200,000 employers and 3.8 million workers.

The New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development was formed specifically to initiate training programs—and to seek funding to underwrite them—under this agreement.

Seasoned community college instructors, most of them with real-world business experience, provide high-quality instruction that has been well-received by employers and trainees alike.

Based on the Consortium’s track record of success, the New Jersey Council of County Colleges is confident the Consortium will continue to play a leading role in bridging the skills gap in New Jersey.

Interactive Map of New Jersey’s 19 Community Colleges: