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Association Partnerships

Our Association Partners Value the Consortium’s Training Programs

These Programs Provide an Added Benefit for Your Members at No Cost to Your Association

Assoc_partnersThe NJ Community College Consortium works closely with business, education, healthcare, life sciences, technology and utility associations in to create training programs for their members.

These training programs are free of charge to associations and their members, and they add tremendous membership value.

Our largest association partner is the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA), which worked closely with us to launch and promote the NJBIA Basic Skills Workforce Training Program, also known as  Employability Skills Training Program and our Advanced Manufacturing Training Initiative.

Melanie Willoughby, NJBIA’s chief government affairs officer, explains why she has been an ardent supporter of the Consortium’s workforce training programs.

“Many NJBIA members have difficulty finding and training qualified workers to keep their operations going. That’s why we have worked closely with the Consortium to help develop its basic skills and manufacturing training programs,” Willoughby said. “Thousands of our member companies have successfully participated in these training programs to close the skills gaps at their facilities.”

If your association would like to work with the Consortium on a training program for its members, please contact us.