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Ready to Work NJ Puts Jim Maloney in the Cloud with Princeton Software Company

Hanu Software Received Grant-Funded Training for its New Hires through Ready to Work NJ

 In the esoteric world of software applications for doing business in the Cloud, Jim Maloney has a well-earned reputation as a SCRUM master.

That doesn’t mean he competes in a singular sports spectacle known as a scrum in which opposing Rugby teams huddle in a tight circle, heads down, arms clasped shoulder-to-shoulder, and legs flying as they compete for possession of a loose football.

The work flow at Hanu moves quickly, but the work culture is relaxed. Hanu Chief Strategy Officer Dave Sasson strikes a pose with newly hired Project Manager Jim Maloney. Photo credit: BiddlePR

It does mean that Maloney, a highly accomplished project manager with multiple certifications, including one as a SCRUM Master, is well versed in the tricky art of keeping a cross functional team of technical wizards working as one finely tuned machine to innovate continuously across multiple, overlapping phases of a software-development project where requirements change rapidly, challenging the speed and agility of team members as the project “ball” gets passed around.

One might think, with some justification, that it would be easier to play Rugby.

But Maloney is more than happy with his new job as project manager with Hanu Software Solutions, a global software company based in Princeton, NJ. Specializing in Cloud security and optimization, the company helps corporations migrate applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Hanu is a Microsoft certified gold partner that won the 2016 Microsoft Platform modernization award.

Unemployed for a year and a half after being laid off by his previous employer, which had downsized at the end of a once-lucrative contract, Maloney was confident he would eventually land on his feet, given his impressive resume and experience.

But it took Maloney 18 months to find Hanu. Through a dint of professional networking, he discovered a program called Ready to Work New Jersey that bridges the often yawning gap between highly skilled, out-of-work professionals and the companies that require their services.

Recently hired Project Manager Jim Maloney (right) hangs out with Hanu Chief Strategy Officer Dave Sasson at the company’s 4390-Route-1-North address marker in Princeton. Photo credit: BiddlePR

“Ready to Work is a federal, grant-funded program designed to find, train and match individuals who have been out of work for six or more months with prospective employers,” said Sivaraman Anbarasan, CEO of the NJ Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development, which manages the New Jersey RTW program. “Most of the New Jersey training is provided by the state’s 19 community colleges.”

Hanu worked with John Radvany at Ready to Work New Jersey to set up a training program at the company’s in-house ROCK University. Chief Strategy Officer Dave Sasson said Hanu’s business is booming along with Microsoft’s Azure. So, the need for new “ROCK stars,” as the company calls its employees, is perpetual.

Maloney, a graduate of Hanu’s inaugural US training program, was impressed with the company’s relaxed, no-suits-or-ties culture.  “It’s great to work with cutting edge technology in a collaborative, energetic and fun work environment,” he said.

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